From a young age he has always loved trees and forests, see their behavior, observe the changing of the seasons through the leaves and feel amazement and admiration for some of these plants and how sometimes they were able to live in harsh conditions by changing their appearance.
Whenever he came back from a walk he wondered how would be nice to enjoy this show every day, even in your own home.
Some exhibitions in which he participated casually and the knowledge of his friend Andrea Pintus, bonsai artist for some years, made him understand that the art of bonsai could fill this wish.
Recreate the secular work of nature through that art form has become one of his great passions.
The bonsai is art, but before this is cultivation of a potted plant.before the artistic setting it takes to know the needs and characteristics of the plant. The type of substrate to use, the chemical components of the soil, nutrition and health of the plant are key parameters to ensure proper development of the bonsai.
Each stage of the cultivation requires different needs ,as well as depending on the type of species, it is necessary to change the components.
To help artists of bonsai to orientate in an optimal manner, he has decided to turn his profession even to this microcosm, of which he is a fan.
For some years he has held lectures and has tried to be a technical support for professionals and hobbyists in that field.

-Phytopathologies of bonsai
-Nutrition of prebonsai and bonsai
-Water management
-Proper use of bio-stimulants, mycorrhizae, plant growth hormones and humic acids.