Marco Beconcini was born in Pontedera (PI), in 1981. After technical school, he joined the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Pisa, where he has become graduate in 2008, discussing the Thesis "Design and planning of green areas and landscapes".
Next year, 2009, he completed his education obtaining a license to practice as a Certified Agronomist to the Order of Pisa-Lucca-Carrara.
While performing experiences in all areas of the profession, from the beginning he chosed to devote himself to the fields that he loved most, namely the "Green Ornamental" and "Plant Health", that are his main competences and passions.
From 2009 he has become a consultant at historic parks and private deals with landscape design, focusing his attention on the dynamics that accompany a proper management of the plant in all its aspects.
Among the most important activities carried out by him,we find the plant pathology, a field in which he operates conducting consultations on diseases of ornamental species, both in private and in nurseries specialized in producing plants.
Since 2010 he collaborates with "Oscar Tintori", a reference nursery in the production of potted citrus.
A detailed botanical knowledge of italian and european vegetation,combined with a passion for nature and the landscape,are an integral part of his cultural background.